Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Super Talents of Doctor Mom!!!

Able to nurse one cup of coffee for an entire day.

Able to sleep in uncomfortable positions at any time or place.

Able to work terms like “aortic aneurysm” and “poop” into the same sentence.

Able to help the kids with their “new math” while simultaneously calculating days to next refill for Oxycodone.

Able to cheer on her little soccer player (“Great job, buddy!”) and keep her other kids from losing life and limb (“Get down from there this instant!”) while taking weekend call (“No, not you Mrs. Jones. ¬†Yes, you may be having a heart attack. ¬†Please call 911 and go to the ER immediately.”)

Able to defer all bodily functions until patients and children are taken care of and then…

Able to find peace and solitude behind any locked bathroom door.