Nearly Perfect

Right now, in this place, I feel nearly perfectly happy.  This warm July day, I sit in the welcome shade of a maple tree, shadows of leaves dancing on the ground in front of me, flitting around like so many monochromatic butterflies.  A light breeze raises goose bumps on my skin.  I lean back and close my eyes, hearing the rustle of leaves in the trees; the chatter of swallows as they dive and dip through the grasses at the creek edge;  the burbling of the water as it tumbles over stones and winds its way around fallen branches.  A verdant lawn stretches out in front of me where, not long ago, I sat watching an intense match of Bocce ball played out between my son and his grandfather.  In the distance, a mountain rises up, dotted with rocks and layered with Ponderosa pines.  Here, there is peace and tranquility and quiet, even among all the noises of Nature.  This, as my mother-in-law would say, is a magical moment.  When life’s frustrations take their toll and I am feeling pulled in too many directions, I will try to remember moments such as these.  I will allow them to fill me up, to pull me back together again, and to remind me that I am a part of something bigger than myself and the demands of my every day.  I am a part of Nature, she is a part of me, and we need not be so often separated.

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