And so we will Stand,                                                                                                                                     just as we had planned,                                                                                                                               with our heads held high.

I sit here, muscles in spasm, gripping my nerves and skeleton.  I cannot sleep.  I have my second cold sore in as many weeks and I am just now coming to the realization that I am stressed.  The body often reveals what the mind cannot see.

The kids are good.  My husband is loving.  Everyone’s healthy (save that cold sore and the spasmed muscles).  Work is rewarding.  I love the time I spend with my patients and coworkers. I love teaching.  But providing health care is a fight.  A constant fight.  And there are wolves at the door, threatening to take away the care and coverage that so many need and from which so many have benefitted.  And then, there’s Inauguration day looming.  It is enough to make a person want to lay down, roll over and wish the next four years away.  But we can’t.   Now is the time to say what must be said.  Now is the time to let our voices be heard.  Now is the time to stand.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to look back on anything that happens in the coming four years, anything that takes away rights and freedoms and opportunities for others, and say that I could have done, should have done, more.  I hope you will join me in taking a stand on January 21st at your local Women’s Day march.  Join the greatest gathering of activists that this country has seen in some time.  Be a force for change.  Stand.


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